Britney Spears Quot Dad Fires All Her Staff

He has decided s, but I do not get the option to take total control of his life to stop its strike fund. Britney Spear father has fired all the singer personal staff, confiscated his mobile phone and ordered her new boyfriend to stay away, it was argued. Jamie is at the end of his ingenuity on Britney behavior, one source of the tabloid Sunday People. Jamie Spears - who was the singer Toxic conservative at the beginning of last year, after a court ruled Britney was not T be able to make its decision - is said to be in shock at his daughter recent erratic behavior as she struggles against manic depression, and has taken steps to stop her to have another full merger, a British newspaper report today claims. He shot Britney detergents, cooking and child care at his home LA.

14.1.09 09:08

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